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As Chinese companies gradually own their own technology, their demand for going out of China can be said to be increasing day by day. It is ECCOM's consistent philosophy to assist Chinese companies to go global.


However, if Chinese companies want to go out of China, they often face the patent barriers imposed by major European and American manufacturers. How to break through this barrier has always troubled Chinese companies. With our specialized patent analysis technology, we can help Chinese companies find loopholes in European and American patents, or even actively try to revoke their competitors' patents.


And based on an extremely large number of patent reading and analysis, our analysis of patents will not only see a single patent, but will place a patent in the industry environment and compare it with other patents. Analyze a patent in its entirety.


Specifically, ECCOM can provide our customers with the following patent analysis services:


Patent validity analysis:

Assess the probability of the patent being revoked afterwards. Its application areas include patent quality financing, patent quotation or purchase of patents before confirming whether the underlying patent is valid, and assisting customers in trying to revoke their competitors' patents in order to remove obstacles to customers in product sales.
Patent infringement analysis:

Evaluate the probability that the product falls into the patent of others and constitutes infringement. And it can be used with consultants who provide customers with avoidance design.

Patent commercialization analysis:

Evaluate the market potential of patents as products.


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