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01 Patent Monthly and Annual Report

02 Professional report

03 Patent evaluation


Patent Monthly and Annual Report

ECCOM prides itself on being a leading patent information provider in China,


Every month, we will call out all the pharmaceutical patents in the latest Chinese and American patent bulletins, and take a closer look at each article and analyze it from the three perspectives of law, patents and industry. Finally, we will analyze the conclusions of the current month. After sorting out a report, we will select the best patents of the month in the report and recommend them to customers and conduct a more detailed analysis.


Every year, we will refine the December monthly report into an annual report, and select the top ten ECCOM recommended patents each year. We believe that ECCOM’s professional analysis report can provide customers with the following values:


Allow customers to save the cost of reading and analyzing a lot of patents on their own.
Let customers clearly see the development trend of industry and technology.
So that customers can avoid repeated research and development where others have patents.
The patent evaluation in the report can be used as the basis for patent valuation and patent transactions.


Professional report

In addition to the above monthly reports, we can also provide customized reports based on customer needs. Such customized reports can be


Patent layout of competitors for customers:

Our analysis allows customers to understand the technological strengths of their competitors and the direction of their technological development.
Analyze the client's own patent layout:

Our analysis can help customers find the deficiencies in their own patent layouts, and we can provide layout suggestions for future patent applications.
Analyze specific products:

Each product (such as a certain drug or device) has a large number of patents. Our analysis can enable manufacturers who want to enter the product market to understand the current patent form of the product.

Analyze specific patents:

We can provide analysis reports for one or several patents.


Patent database

ECCOM’s methodology is to analyze patents manually, but uses electronic databases to informatize the results of the analysis.


At present, we analyze patents with the progress of about 500 patents each month, and gradually accumulate information according to technology types and products. The monthly patent report is further refined from this information.


The database contains the original records of our patent researchers analyzing each patent and the detailed analysis of the patents selected in our monthly patent report. Therefore, it can be said that the monthly patent report is a condensed version, while the patent database contains complete information.


Therefore, if manufacturers have more in-depth needs for patent information, in addition to ordering our reports, they can also choose to purchase the authorization of our database. For those who order our database authorizers, we will give customers a login password, through which customers can directly enter our database to see all the data they need.


Patent evaluation

At present, there are so many companies engaged in patent evaluation at home and abroad, but so far none of them can obtain the credibility that is unanimously accepted by the market. The reason lies in the lack of neutrality and professionalism of the evaluation unit itself.


As for the former, many appraisal units are actually one of the two parties to the transaction seeking to endorse them, sometimes even after the price has been determined, the neutrality of the appraisal is naturally questionable.


As for the latter, many appraisers use financial analysis methods to appraise patents. Many appraisers themselves lack in-depth knowledge of patents (no domain knowledge), which makes their appraisal inevitably distorted. They like to use quantitative analysis methods similar to financial analysis in methodology. But we think that this method is not suitable for patent analysis. Because although technology is energized, patents are the product of words, and words are extremely difficult to quantify. If the same technology is expressed in different words, the scope of its rights will be different. Or if the same technology has different components in the rights, the scope of the two will be completely different. What's more, the method of quantitative analysis logically assumes that patents are valid, but in fact many patents can often be overturned after the fact.


ECCOM’s methodology is an experience-oriented appraisal method, which is based on our long-term experience in reading a large number of patents. ECCOM will adopt a model similar to Michelin-rated restaurants, and give each patent an appropriate rating based on the experience of our analysts.


ECCOM is different from most appraisal units in the market. First of all, our patent appraisal is based on our vast practical experience in analyzing patents. Secondly, ECCOM itself does not provide estimates of patent prices, but we provide patent evaluations, which is an attempt to construct a mechanism similar to Moody's or Standard & Poor’s evaluation of stocks or companies, and to give certain grades to the evaluated patents (for example, One star to five stars) and hope to use this as the basis for evaluating patent prices in the market.


Application of patent evaluation:


The basis for measuring the value of the acquired or investment object during corporate mergers or investment.
Basis for the sale of patents.
The basis for patent valuation when investing in shares.
The basis for calculating the amount of compensation in patent infringement litigation.


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