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01 General Counsel of the Year

02 Assist the company to establish an internal patent and legal department

03 Patent search

04 Patent application rules

05 Patent litigation consultant

06 Technology import and export consultant


General Counsel of the Year

Customers can sign a one-year comprehensive consulting contract with us. ECCOM can provide all the intellectual property consulting services of the customer within the agreed service hours.


Our standard annual consulting services include:


Patent diagnosis to customers several times a year
Customized training courses several times a year
Free monthly patent analysis report
Provide consulting services such as patent search, patent analysis and patent application planning within the agreed hours


Assist companies to establish internal patent and legal department

ECCOM's professional team has more than ten years of working experience in the legal and patent departments of multinational companies. We deeply understand the importance of a good legal and patent department for a company to go international, and we are also happy to share our experience to assist our clients in establishing legal and patent departments from scratch, or assist in existing legal and patents The department’s enterprise has improved the department’s management.


Specifically, we can provide the following services:


Assist in the design of forms and processes:

Wang Yongqing, who has a reputation as a god of business, once said: Management depends on processes, and processes rely on forms. ECCOM has rich experience in how to design legal and patent forms and processes, and we know how to introduce electronic processes and forms into enterprises.
Assist in planning and organization manpower:

ECCOM can assist clients in planning their legal and patent manpower, and can assist clients in selecting suitable personnel.

Assist in training talents:

ECCOM’s consultants can enter the company to manage its legal and patent departments, and assist in cultivating and teaching its legal and patent personnel during the escrow period. Through mentor-style training, the internal manpower required by the company can be cultivated in a short time. .


Patent search

The most difficult part of patent search is the setting of keywords, which is the strength of ECCOM. Because ECCOM’s patent information and analysis has accumulated a huge database, this kind of long-term and comprehensive analysis of patents makes it not an aimless needle in a haystack to find patents, but to conceive and plan search strategies from the perspective of the entire industry. .


Patent application planning

There are many patent offices or patent agencies at home and abroad, but because they use momentum as a source of profit, and their clients use whether a patent case is approved as a measure of their index, these firms will encourage clients to apply for a large number of patents, and When applying, we will deliberately write more and more detailed rights.


However, ECCOM believes that not all technologies must be patented, and the purpose of applying for a patent is to hope that the patent will be useful. If a patent is applied for a patent that is too small for competitors to avoid easily, the actual value is not high.


ECCOM’s professional team has accumulated more than ten years of experience in patent planning and layout of multinational companies, and we can assist clients in real and meaningful patent application planning. Specific steps are as follows:


  • Customer's own patent diagnosis (Patent Diagnosis), confirm the customer's current patent application status
  • Compare the degree of match between products and technologies
  • Analyze products and markets
  • Put forward proposals for patent application planning

Patent litigation consultant

The process of patent litigation in the United States is very complicated. It cannot be handled by one or two lawyers alone. Instead, a team must be formed as the company's staff. The team is responsible for the formulation of litigation strategies and chooses and directs the US firm to handle the case.


The ECCOM team has deep experience in US patent litigation. Clients are often at a loss after receiving infringement warning letters from US lawyers. With the help of ECCOM's professional team, clients can calmly face the challenges of US patent litigation.


In the first step, we will use our ability to analyze patents, first confirm whether the customer’s product is really infringing, and use our experience and database to provide a preliminary estimate of attorney’s fees and compensation. Through these analyses, customers will be able to Decide to adopt an offensive strategy or a defensive strategy.


Secondly, we have extensive experience in formulating US patent litigation strategies, and we can provide customers with one-stop and complete services in conjunction with law firms that cooperate with China and the United States.


Technology import and export consultant

ECCOM will accumulate a valuable patent database in the process of reading and analyzing patents in a large amount. Among them, the patents selected by our patent evaluation are the best targets for future authorization or sale by customers. Coupled with the ECCOM team's abundant practical experience in law and industry, we can provide customers with a complete set of services for the introduction and export of technology.


Technology introduction

At present, most Chinese enterprises are still at the stage of introducing excellent foreign technology in terms of technology. The services we can provide customers are:


Use ECCOM's database to help search for technology sources and provide consultant advice on technology introduction.
With ECCOM's lawyers, we provide the authorization or sale and purchase agreement required by the client.
Assist customers in negotiating authorization or sales with foreign manufacturers, and use ECCOM's database to provide customers with consultants on the prices and conditions of technology licensing or sales.



Technology export

With the economic development of China in recent years, some outstanding Chinese industry players have gradually possessed independent technological capabilities and are attempting to go out of China and to the world. For technology to go global, it is bound to be equipped with the protection of intellectual property rights. In this regard, ECCOM can assist Chinese companies to export their technology overseas, specifically with the following services:


We can provide consulting services for infringement litigation if someone is found to be infringing overseas.
If overseas manufacturers are willing to license technology to Chinese companies, we can provide licensing contracts and assist in negotiations.
When a foreign manufacturer establishes an authorization relationship with a Chinese company, we can assist the company to collect and manage royalties.


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